Saturday, June 29, 2019

Happy to have a new book out from Tebot Bach, The Only Home We Know--Order from Small Press Distribution!

The Only Home We Know

Robin Chapman

  • 4/15/2019
  • Tebot Bach
  • 9781939678577
  • 978-1-939678-57-7
  • H15F
  • 104
  • 0 lbs.5 oz.
  • 38
$ 16.00
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Poetry. "In language luminous and true, with grace, good humor, generosity, and affectionate attention, Robin Chapman unflinchingly faces the local and global, even galactic disasters, that daily assail us. Casting a sober eye on the ills of our society, most of our own making—climate change, environmental degradation, inequality, bigotry, militarism—she refuses 'the beautiful poetry of grief' and instead affirms 'what heals, what carries us, through.' This inimitable book is ultimately a book of wonder and consolation, lovingly invoking the connectivity of the natural world—the only home we know—to reveal a wholeness at the heart of things. With, as she insists, 'the earth in its journey turning us again / toward the light. The text of good will arriving,' what can we do but embrace her joyful invitation to 'now, love, put on your clown nose / and dance with me under the wandering planets.'"—Ronald Wallace

"THE ONLY HOME WE KNOW is a book where memory functions as a spirit guide through the various details, wonders and terrors of our world. It is a book that takes a private hurt and makes it into a lyrical space where beauty is possible, is necessary. There is a tenderness and exuberance here that win me over, 'I'd mandate that every child at birth would be issued a drum,' the author says. Indeed. Bravo."—Ilya Kaminsky

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy to have my new book of poetry out from Tebot Bach Publishing, Six True Things, poems of my childhood and growing up in the Manhattan Project town of Oak Ridge, TN!! Many thanks to editor Mifanwy Kaiser! It can be ordered from or Amazon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PAINTINGS, 2012-2016

A portfolio of acrylic painting, 2012-2016:
Robin Chapman Acrylics

A portfolio of watercolors, 2010-2016:
Robin Chapman Watercolors

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Hundred White Pelicans!

I'm thrilled to announce that One Hundred White Pelicans, a book of climate change poems, is available now from Tebot Bach:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dappled Things, poems by Robin Chapman and photogravures by Peter Miller

I am thrilled that this collaboration between my poems and Peter Miller's wonderful photogravures (copperplate etchings) has just been published by Revue K in Paris! Twenty-three pairs of poems and images to delight, entrance, and reveal new realms of imagination, says Peter:

Designed by artist Roman Kames and printed in Prague on 200-gram Tintoretto paper, the 58-page portfolio book with blue slipcase is available from Robin by emailing her at for $30 including postage--or from Peter in Japan at the link above.

POETRY BOOKS: the eelgrass meadow


Tebot Bach 

 about the eelgrass meadow

Robin Chapman is both a poet and a scientist and in her new collection, The Eelgrass Meadow, science and poetry meet and find shared meaning. In these beautiful and moving poems, Chapman's tone glides between elegy and rallying cry, between delight at discovery and sorrow at what is to come. This book will inform and transform your vision of our shared world. —Jesse Lee Kercheval, author of Cinema Muto, the Dog Angel, and World as Dictionary

Robin Chapman brings to her poetry an acute attentiveness to the lives and features of the world around her. Her words are accurate, informative, imaginatively arranged, and often filled with passion as they focus on our human conflicts, concerns, and responsibilities toward the earth and our world. Chapman's tones of respect and gratitude for life are present in each and every poem of The Eelgrass Meadow.—Pattiann Rogers, author of Firekeeper, Wayfare, and The Grand Array

Another unforgettable collection of poems from Robin Chapman with an eye for the riveting detail and an ear for the world's resonant music. —Ron Wallace, author of For a Limited Time Only and Long for This World